Why to buy new windows?
Home windows have a lifespan of 15-20 years. In time window weather-strip and seals (caulking) start to weaken or fail, which leaves you open to drafts and water related problem. A lot of modern known brands give lifetime warranty for their windows, sometime transferable to new owner. You don’t have any warranty on older (20+) year window because warranties were not transferable and manufactures may not be in business anymore. Also most warranties were 10-20 years where nowadays standard is lifetime which means till manufacture is in business. That is why it’s better to go with known brands since you know they most likely will be around for years and in case you have where to file for service if you need it.

Depending on problem with your old window it’s usually not worth to fix it since quite often basic replacing broken glass may cost around 1/3-1/2 of total new window with installation. Window brands have better deals with glass manufactures than glazing shops so if you would like to replace both your failed or broke IGs on your window it could be same price as replacing the whole window to new one.

Benefits of purchasing new windows
1) Make your house better insulated from outdoor temperature. IG’s (Insulated Glass) LowE coating will block over 95% of direct sun heat and Argon gas blocks ambient temperature. Thats why both of this components are equally important.

2) Save money because your energy bill will go down. A government agency in 2022 states that new windows can save you up to $583 per year. You buy 10 windows for a total of for example $6,500. In 12 years, you will have paid off the windows ($6,996) and even have made a “profit” of $496. (Source)

3) Comfort is another good reason. Old windows are usually aluminum and single pane. Aluminum frames are not sealed as well as modern windows which brings draft. Single pane old windows don’t have LowE coating, argon gas and have limited noice reduction. Double pane windows reduce minimum by about 2x noice but this can be upgraded to off set glass or laminated glass which can reduce noice by additional 50-80%.

4) Update your home and give new, modern look.

5) Enhanced home security and safety.

6) Better sealed windows reduced dust and allergens. There is air quality issues to consider as you may have mold and mildew as well due to bad insulated and single pane windows. Double pane IG stops condensation better that single pane.
condensation is also much smaller with dual pane windows. Dual pane windows don’t liquidate condensation, just reduce. Condensation may cause dry rot, termites and overall bigger damage that could spread beyond just the window and affect the structural integrity of the wall itself which will in consequence cause expensive construction project.

7) Replacement windows are one of the best home improvement projects to increase value. The average return on investment for new windows is about 72% when installing energy-efficient options. With that in mind, home sellers can evaluate whether the cost to replace windows before selling their hour is the best investment, or if other renovation projects offer a better ROI.